Short Scale Guitars

Do you or your child need a short-scale-small-sized guitar, or are you looking for a short-scale-small guitar to travel and take anywhere, anytime?  I guess we can help you. We provide great short-scale-small and travel guitars. Low action, soft string tension, and a comfortable neck profile are KEY to the beginner. Making all the ideal adjustments for a beginner could define the “long or short carrier of the player”. We inspect and perform an ideal setup and guitar adjustments in-house before shipping, or while you are visiting our studio to ensure the highest level of comfort for the smaller hands. All guitars come with a GFS padded gig/bag-pack for easy transportation. Short scale-small sized guitars are not all equal depending of the maker and country of origin. Make sure to check the *scale length of the guitar you need before making your final decision. If you need advice or have questions, we’ll are here to assist you.  *(The guitar scale is measured from the inside of the nut to the inside saddle-bone)