Cantinga Travel Guitar



Year    New Fingerboard  Ebony
Country  Spain Finish  Polyurethane
Top  German Spruce Scale Length  545 mm (20 inches)
Back & Sides  Flamed Maple Nut Width  51 mm (2 inches )
Model  PS CNT Availability  In stock 


Say hello to the new “Cantinga” Travel Guitar. The Cantinga travel Guitar (Cantinga TG) is a “small-travel guitar” for players who love to have a guitar available at all times, without sacrificing any moment or place of inspiration. No more hassles at the airport, easy to take on the train or bus shelf, and even biking thanks to the Gig Bag -backpack. With 33 inches in length and 3.20 pounds, the Cantinga TG will be your companion anytime, anywhere. The Cantinga TG provides easy playability due to the shorter scale, very comfortable neck profile, and low action making it easier for smaller hand players to reach all positions, while still keeping a rich sound with a lot of resonance.

Do you play on steel strings or nylon strings, or both? No problem! The Cantinga TG is designed to use both types of strings. Try steel strings, 6 or 12 (special nut provided), or 6 nylon strings. (2 extra sets are supplied with the instrument.) The Cantinga TG is an excellent choice for guitar players of all levels. Our friends claim it has a fantastic sound, and most of all, it is easy on your fingers, and a lot of fun to play!

Included with The Cantinga TG, is a heavy-duty padded Gig Bag -backpack,1 set of Savarez nylon strings, 1 set of Thomastik- Infeld Fingerpicking strings steel, a Humitron Humidifier, and Guitar Cloth.




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Dimensions 43 × 7 × 20 in