Vicente Carrillo Alegrias Blanca





Year 2022 Fingerboard Cameron Ebony
Country Spain Finish Nitrocellulose
Top German spruce Scale Length 650 mm
Back & Sides Spanish Cypress Nut Width 52 mm
Item Number VCABL Availability In stock 

The Vicente Carrillo“Alegrias Blanca” comes with a German spruce top, selected Spanish Cypress back and sides, an Ebony fingerboard from Cameron, Cedar neck, and a Nitrocellulose finish. In other words, top-of-the-line materials as found in all his Flamenco concert guitars. The Vicente Carrillo “Alegrias Blanca” Flamenco guitar emanates great, volume, and superb craftsmanship. The basses are powerful and deep, the trebles are crystal clear, bright, and high-pitched. The reduced string height (action) 3mm & 2mm on the 12th great provides an extraordinarily high degree of comfort for both hands. The Vicente Carrillo Alegrias Blanca is made with the same building techniques as the Vicente Carrillo 1ra, It mirrors the characteristic sound of some of the most excellent professional flamenco guitars with bright trebles, deep basses, powerful volume, and impeccable balance. The Vicente Carrillo Alegrias Blanca comes with a V.Carrillo ABS Hardshel case, 1 extra set of Savarez HT Flamenco Strings, an Ultimate Guitar protector, and Humitron Humidifier.


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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 7 × 20 in