Francisco Esteve 9 C/B



The Francisco Esteve 9C/B Carbon Classical Guitar is a great all-solid woods instrument. Suggested for serious players, graduated students, professionals, and all guitar lovers. The Esteve 9C/B has a Canadian Western Cedar top (Thuja Plicata), Indian Rosewood back & sides  (Dalbergia latifolia), Ebony fingerboard (Diospyros ebenum), Cedar Neck  (Cedrela odorata) with Ebony bar insert for neck reinforcement. With a predominant Spanish classical timbre, pure clear highs, punchy bass, and a well-balanced tone, this guitar is a pleasure to play. Thanks to the Carbon Fiber harmonic bars, and new technology, the guitar feels and sounds robust. The sound is elegant in all senses with great projection, well balanced, and very warm. Suggested strings are Savarez  Red H T or Savarez Alliance HT. The Esteve 9C/B is handmade in Valencia Sapin and signed by Manuel Adalid. This is really a wonderful resonant  & beautiful guitar to play.

Included with this guitar are a G F S Semi hard-shell case, 1 set of  Savarez HT classical guitar strings, an Ultimate guitar protector ( UPG) , and a Guitar Cloth.