Felipe Conde Cejilla Bk/wve

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Felipe Conde  Cejilla Capo Rosewood. Ebony & Rosewood with waved peg, hand made Cejilla-Capo for Flamenco and Classical guitars.

The Ebony & Rosewood Cejilla- Capo has a unique design for comfortable, secure and easy use.  Handmade of African black ebony, natural rosewood and nylon cord.  

Soft leather strap protects neck from nylon cord which secures peg into the Cejilla.  Only natural materials are used in this  cejilla capo. 

                                                       Felipe Conde Cejillas stand for quality and Family tradition 

                                                                               * All Cejillas  are tested properly before shipping. 

                                                                                                      *Hand made in Spain