Posa Professional Guitar Support ( 3c)



The Poza Guitar Support function is to provide you with a healthier sitting posture! Avoid stress and tension in your back and legs while studying or playing guitar. Made of solid metal, Velcro adjustable Strap, and top-quality 3 Suction Cups, the Poza Guitar Support holds your guitar safely in your lap. It doesn’t move or slip away letting you focus on your music while your back is in a natural position. It’s simple, attach the Posa Guitar Support in the lower butt of your guitar, and adjust the velcro strap to YOUR IDEAL playing position. If your guitar has a sensitive finish, such as French Polish, use the clear film protector provided in the package. The Poza Guitar Support is smaller and lighter than any other support in the market. Compact, light, portable, and easy folding, it fits perfectly in every guitar case. If you want to save your back, give it a try! You will not be disappointed.