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Guitars from Spain is located in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

Since 1999,  Guitars from Spain  has been providing  wonderful Classical  and Flamenco  Spanish guitars to guitar lovers worldwide.

We provide Classical guitars, Classical electric guitars  &  Flamenco guitars from the maker’s  bench  to your hands at affordable prices. Our main goal is to get the best guitar for the money,  make you a totally satisfied customer, and to provide you with an outstanding customer service. Our Clients testimonials stand for it.

Guitars From Spain represents guitar builders with a long track record and worldwide recognition such as:  Prudencio Saez  , Manuel Adalid- Esteve guitars , Vicente Carrillo , Neris Gonzales- Milagro guitars  and Granada guitars,  our own brand.

We carry Classical guitars, Classical-Electric guitars, Flamenco guitars and guitar accessories. Once you browse through our site, you’ll find an attractive and affordable Spanish guitar to add to your collection.

L R Baggs electronics-  We listened to our customers and now install L R Baggs electronics  in our higher end guitar lines,  providing  accurate  string balanced  sound and outstanding performance.  Certain models , such as Requintos and thin body guitars  still carry  Fishman electronics providing nice balance and tone control.

Please note,  electronics are optional  in some models . We provide a good selection of electronics to be installed  by our authorized technicians according to your taste, need  and budget.  Please inquire for each specific model.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t find the model  that you are looking for. We  can  order special  models we don’t generally carry in stock.

Thank you for visiting our website and remember:

” We don’t stop playing  because we get old,
we get old, ’cause we stop playing….

So… keep playing


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Eduardo Macadar- Owner


Video Samples made by

 -Recording Artist Dorian Avila – Miami USA 



-Recording Artist  Bob Folse Miami Usa 



-Recording Artist Luthier  Jorge de Sofia