Eduardo was tremendously helpful and insightful into buying a new classical guitar. He sat with me for around 2 hours explaining the different guitar options and helping me find the best sound and fit for me.  Thank you Eduardo! Flag usa

I had recently decided to learn to play the  guitar but was wasn't sure I could. I  fractured my left wrist a few years ago, limiting my flexibility.  On a visit to my daughter in Boca Raton, I phoned Eduardo Macadar of Guitars for Spain. He is a very friendly and enthusiastic person and thought he had some guitars that might fit the bill. I drove over and he had already put out an assortment of several guitars, all different from each other. I listened to him play them all, then tried them all myself to evaluate the comfort, fit and sound.  I absolutely fell in love with the Paco Castillo 233 cutaway, narrow body Flamenco guitar with electric option available.   I had not considered a guitar like this at all, but it was very  light and just felt incredibly comfortable, so I bought it.  It was a pleasure to deal with Eduardo.  There was never any pressure and he always  patiently and completely answered my many questions. He also gave me some very valuable pointers in posture and hand position.   I asked if he would mind moving up to New Jersey to be my teacher but shoveling snow did not appeal to him. I may have to move to Boca.  For now I plan on taking one or more lessons from him whenever I visit.   Rich Anscherflag-usa

 "I recently traveled to Boca Raton from Boston to meet with Eduardo and to explore buying a new guitar. I was not disappointed. He had identified a range of incredible instruments and then guided me through a process of playing them in different orders in order to determine objectively which guitar felt the best in my hands and sounded the best to my ears. We settled on an incredible Milagro guitar which I am in love with now and am enjoying thoroughly every day.In addition to the purchase of such an amazing guitar, the best I could have possibly found, I benefited greatly during my visit from Eduardo’s insights into guitar playing, the care of the guitar, some new stringing tips, and some ideas of technique. Anyone seriously interested in classical guitar at any level could benefit from visiting Eduardo’s studio and experiencing his range of wonderful guitars.” Chris Flag usa

Ed, You were very helpful in directing me to your videos, and based on those videos, I selected the Manuel Adalid 11 with a spruce top.  You explained to me that the sound in the videos is as neutral and accurate as possible, but if I didn’t like the guitar, I could return it.  After receiving the guitar, I can’t imagine anyone not liking it.  It has a very refined, elegant sound, with great clarity, and is also easy to play.  In addition, it is a great counterpart to my cedar topped guitar, and it lets me get different sounds with different pieces, and just adds more variety to my playing.  I would definitely buy another guitar from you.Yours, Ed Rose Flag usa

I can’t thank you enough. The guitar arrived in perfect condition and your attention to detail was much appreciated. The case, the extra set of strings, the guitar protection was so professional and welcomed.   I would love to visit your store for my next purchase. I will recommend your store to everyone looking to purchase a quality guitar from company that cares for its customers.  Esteve 9 C/B  Thanks, Al V. Al Velieri flag-usa

I received my Juan Hernandez guitar today and it is exactly what I wanted, it plays really well. I also like the Cibeles Travel Hard shell case.I may want to buy  another one. Thank you  Jim Warren . Juan Hernandez  Blanca. flag-usa

Hello Ed, The Vicente Carrillo Alegrias Negra is a beautiful guitar and everything I was looking for in regard to tone and quality.  It has a sweet resonant sound that really makes the guitar sing and a pure flamenco sound as well.  It makes it a great fit for a guitarist who plays classical and flamenco at a great price.  Thank you for your quick responses and all        your help in buying this guitar.  I would welcome the chance to do business with you again! Louie-Birmingham, AL    flag-usa

Hola buenas noches, soy Marcos Bonilla del Dúo revelación .Le escribo para darle las gracias por el requinto Saez que me mando, está muy bonito y suena magnífico. Disculpe que hasta ahora le escriba pues solo esperaba probarlo conectado.  Estoy satisfecho con el requinto.Muchas gracias y desde New York le enviamos un caluroso saludo y agradecimientos  Dios le bendiga y adelante siempre vendiendo instrumentos de calidad   Marcos Bonilla P Saez Requinto 201 C/E

Good Evening, This is Marcos Bonilla  from Duo Revelation. I want to thank you for the beautiful Requinto you sent me. It sounds excellent. I apologize if I took me a while to send this feedback, but I wanted to play on stage, amplified . I'm very satisfied with my new requinto. We send you warm regards from N York. God bless you and please continue selling high quality instruments . Thank you  Marcos Bonilla P Saez Requinto 201  C/E   Ecuador Flag s r

Hello Ed; The Vicente Carrillo Alegrias Negra is a beautiful guitar and everything I was looking for in regard to tone and quality.  It has a sweet resonant sound that really makes the guitar sing and a pure flamenco sound as well.  It makes it a great fit for a guitarist who plays classical and flamenco at a great price.  Thank you for your quick responses and all your help in buying this guitar.  I would welcome the chance to do business with you again! Louie-Birmingham, AL    Flag usa

Hi Eduardo,

My Ramirez String Winder arrived today in perfect condition.

Essential and Elegant. Like everything with the Ramirez name on it!  Best, Michael N Y flag-usa


Dear Ed,
I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to let you know, I received my Prudencio Saez 33 a few days ago, and I am impressed with the sound and beauty of this instrument. I am starting to play Classical Guitar again, after a few years hiatus, and I could not be happier.  Your attention to details, genuine concern toward my needs, and great customer service is exceptional. As we talked, the fact that you also are a guitar player and loves the instrument makes a big difference. I will certainly recommend Guitars from Spain to my friends and acquaintances looking for a great guitar and an exceptional support. Thanks again!! Luis Pina flag-usa

Hi Ed
I love the requinto  guitar!  The package arrived on time and in good condition.  It played and sounded great once it settled down Thanks very much for checking to see how things were going. PS Requinto 201 C/E  Doug Cohen Va. flag-usa


Ed - My PS G-11 arrived in perfect condition today. My wife said the FedEx driver was very careful handling the box.  The guitar looks great. It is a mile above my old student model. As inexpert as I am, I can tell with just a few notes that this is a great instrument: The sound is balanced across all the strings and frets. Bass is strong but not boomy. This guitar provides me a wonderful incentive to improve my playing. Thanks for your advice, and super guitar! Best regards, Adam Carr,  Potts Camp MS Flag usa

Hi Ed; I got the Esteve 8F today, its amazing and the sound is fabulous. I am more than happy dealing with your company and with you in person. I was amazed and happily surprised when i received your phone call showing your high concern and professionalism, I am so happy with my new guitar, its the best among my collection,  Thanks a lot Ed and I want to hold u to your promise of coming to Dubai as soon as u can. I would like to thank you about everything and i hope we can meet one day either in the States or in Dubai. Regards Bashar Shubber , Dubai , UA Cheers Dubai Flag small


Hi Eduardo, I am having a great time with my  new Prudencio Saez 18 Flamenco Negra. The guitar sounds great with a balanced dark and resonant timbre, alternative to the traditional bright Flamenco Timbre you find in Blancas. The time, patience and dedication you gave me at your studio ,helped me out choosing this outstanding guitar among the very selected and unique inventory you have in terms of quality, brands and variety of sounds, was the key factor for the great choice I made. Thanks for everything, Alvaro Jose Franco. FL Flag usa

Eduardo, THANK YOU!…... So much for the 1st class treatment you have given me in purchasing my new baby, the Paco Castillo thin body 233 FTE, and as of this time the only one dealer in the United States.  Your honesty and professionalism made it easy for me to purchase without any worries. She arrived in perfect shape, and after playing her it was a match made in heaven . I honestly cannot keep my hands off her, she sounds and plays so good. Eduardo,  your business ethics and passion for quality guitars is admirable and I would recommend you to anyone interested in Spanish guitars.  If your ever in California and traveling thru the high desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, lunch is on me! Thanks again for being such a gentleman. Adrian Munoz  CA Flag usa


Eduardo, someone came to my house about 10 minutes ago..and guess what?!?!! It's my guitar!!! Wow! Man u can't believe how happy I am!!! And u know know I paid the exact same amount for the shipping to my country's was alot.. but I'm very happy it's amaaaaaaazing!!!!  I will treat this guitar as my wife!! Really u don't know how happy I am.I will be in contact .thank u very much for ur support and man, ur CDs r amazing! my friends r on the way now... Vicente Carrillo Blanca  Sameo Alkoory Dubai, UA  Dubai Flag small

 I recently purchased a Jose Ramirez Flamenco guitar from Eduardo at his studio in Boca Raton Fl.  I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase and the guitar is so enjoyable to play, I seem to loose track of time every time I pick this instrument up.  I've been unsuccessfully searching for a quality guitar reasonably priced here in south Florida for quite some time.  Finally I found "Guitars from Spain".   What really impressed me is every guitar Eduardo has in inventory is an exceptional instrument.  After seeing a couple of the guitars I knew one was going home with me, just a matter of which one.  Thanks, Bryan Phillips  Flag usa

On a recent trip to Europe, I had the opportunity to play a Paco Castillo guitar. It is one of the finest guitars I have ever played. They are made in Spain by Lucas and Juan Julia.
They are primarily sold in
Europe. There is only one guitar dealer in the United States. Guitars from Spain, in Boca Raton, Florida,  just started bringing the Paco Castillo guitar line to the U.S.
I ordered and received the guitar this past Monday. The guitar plays and looks wonderful. Interesting, the owner of Guitars from
Spain, was traveling through the west and stopped at the house. His name is Eduardo Macadar and we spent time playing the guitar. We had a great time. GFS  sells Classical and Flamenco guitars. Eduardo is truly a master at playing the guitar. I would highly recommend his company if your are looking for a classical or flamenco guitar. P Castillo 203C/e   Rich Qualls Flag usa


"Hello Eduardo. I recently purchased your Ultimate Guitar Protector for my Esteve 8F, and I am very pleased with it. My primary reason for purchasing the Ultimate Guitar Protector was to have worry free handling of my new flamenco guitar. Another big plus I noticed is that the guitar is much easier to hold in the right thigh / upright position I prefer using that is similar to some flamenco guitar players like legendary Diego del Gastor. Ultimate Guitar Protector should be a standard accessory for classical, flamenco and acoustic guitar players. I will be ordering more Ultimate Guitar Protectors for my other guitars, and appreciate your fast and professional service. Best regards, Daniel Gastelu, Flag usa

Hi Ed!
Received the guitar.  A beautiful guitar. With powerful bass, timbre clear and balanced between bass and treble. Very soft to the touch. The finish is flawless. I appreciate all your efforts. Is very good buy with accessories . When you visit  Brazil, come to me that I will have the pleasure of welcoming you in Curitiba, a beautiful city in southern Brazil.  Thank You PS G-11 Pedro Cesar  

Hello Eduardo, The guitar arrived today in excellent condition with a perfect action height, and sounds great .  Thanks, Aaron Muirhead. PS 34 Flag usa

Hello Ed. Thanks for following up. I do love  the guitar , looks beautiful and sounds great. I am very happy. Cheers.  Kamel Zennia PS 59 C/E Flag usa


Hey Eduardo! Sorry it took time..The guitar sounds GREAT playing it. I have done about 10 gigs with it. It sounds full, every string comes through will, the playability is nice, Super impressed with the LR BAGGS best pickups I've heard. I just hope this guitar last me along time.  I don't see myself changing for years to come..(unless I get very rich ) thanks again ! Lucas PS 80 C/E Flag usa


I recently purchased an Esteve classical guitar, with a cedar/carbon fiber top from Guitars from Spain that out performs so many handmade guitars, and paid 1/2 of the price that you would pay for a handmade Spanish guitar. The tone, sustain and balance of that guitar are just about as great as you can get. I highly recommend Guitars From Spain to anyone looking for nylon string guitars as well as the best of guitar accessories at very reasonable prices. Islay Rodriguez  Est 7C/B  

I love my new Flamenca Blanca,  the price was great and the customer service was amazing!  Eduardo really knows his stuff - I would not have been able to find an instrument like this in any of the local music stores.  Highly recommended! Thank you  J Goldstein 

Hello Eduardo, Thank you, I must say that the entire experience with yourself and Guitars From Spain has been awesome. Answering a business line as you're about to perform before 250 people, now that's service. I was very impressed with your genuine concern that I choose the right guitar for my experience level and type of music played, the courtesy and respect you deliver is appreciated. The prompt shipment and on time delivery as promised was refreshing. My beautiful Prudencio Saez PS-34 arrived in perfect condition, it truly is a work of art! The case is luxurious and fits like a glove. The extra strings and other gifts were a pleasant surprise. I would highly recommend Eduardo and Guitars From Spain to everybody, it is the right choice! God Bless, David G Brown 

As a professional musician and collector I am very particular about my inventory. I must say my experience with Eduardo GFS  was Top Shelf.. Thank You for a wonderful guitar. A Sarraz 

I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to Eduardo at Guitars from Spain for his help over the last 10 years providing me several classical guitars. The selection is top notch from lower priced to magnificent upper level models.  Being a Professor of Classical Guitar, The Bourget, Carrillo and Juan Hernandez guitars I bought were all excellent instruments of different characteristics.  The hybrid flamenco/classical that I play now, I am thrilled to play all day long.  My more than dozen students that have come to Eduardo all are happy with their guitars!  I recommend everyone see Eduardo or pick up a guitar from GFSpain. Honestly, he only has quality instruments! I have tried many models that he has. Thanks again, Eduardo! Thomas Glenn Smith, MA 

Adjunct Professor of Guitar, Broward College
Adjunct Professor of Music, Palm Beach State College

Eduardo; I've been playing my guitar since day one , this is a wonderful instrument!
Thank you for helping me find the perfect guitar for my hands .It feels great.
I may need a flamenco guitar soon , I'll keep in touch.  John M, Miami 

If you want to buy top quality flamenco or classic guitars go to this place, excellent instruments, excellent people, I bought two amazing guitars from Guitars From Spain, great price, great costumer service, Eduardo is a great guy, he know very well his stuff, I didn't find guitars like this in any other store, I really recommended! Cuban flag

Ever since I was refereed to Eduardo from a music colleague of mine, I have found him and GFS a source that not only has the quality of instruments, but more so has an enormous passion to find the right instrument for its clients. So far through my career as a professional guitarist, I have purchased 3 guitars from Eduardo, and I honestly have to say that they are all very special instruments. Quality, Honesty and Very Clean and Clear Business is what comes to mind when I think of my experiences with GFS. I also love that Eduardo sells his guitar covers that really make the difference when protecting your guitar while playing! These covers are perfect in protecting from dust, small dings, and your body's natural oils  I highly recommend GFS to anyone looking for good quality instrument worth your money! Carlos Andrade  

I’ve had the pleasure of purchasing various guitars (classical and flamenco) from Eduardo at GFS.  My experience each time, from the initial discussion on what I was looking for, to trying out the various guitars Eduardo picked out for me, to the final setup of the guitar at time of purchase has always been top notch and a complete pleasure.  His extensive knowledge in the instrument and the understanding we had, as one guitar player to another, of what I was looking for in a guitar is what will make me seek him out when I am ready to purchase my next guitar. Best regardsJC Rodríguez 

Ever since I was refereed to Eduardo from a music colleague of mine, I have found him and GFS a source that not only has the quality of instruments, but more so has an enormous passion to find the right instrument for its clients. So far through my career as a professional guitarist, I have purchased 3 guitars from GFS/ Eduardo, and I honestly have to say that they are all very special instruments. Quality, Honesty and Very Clean and Clear Business is what comes to mind when I think of my experiences with GFS. I also love that Eduardo sells his guitar covers  ( Ultimate Guitar Protector ) that really make the difference when protecting your guitar while playing! These covers are perfect in protecting from dust, small dings, and your body's natural oils (in the case of a quick inspiring moment out of bed and the need to play haha...) I highly recommend GFS to anyone looking for good quality instrument worth your money! United-States

It arrived in good order today; beautiful instrument!  I'll know better in a week or so how it plays.
Thanks for your email and phone message. I decided I will retire from work in February. Preparing for that has taken up all of my spare time, so I will have to spend more  time with my new  guitar .  It's obviously a beautiful instrument, the tone is lovely. Thank you. PS 33 Tim McGreg United-States

Hi Ed, The Vicente Carrillo Alegrias India  Flamenca  arrived safely and very quickly. I was pleasantly surprised to have it delivered in just one day. After spending a few hours with it, I am very pleased with this guitar. It is quite a good looking instrument with very nice materials and an excellent build quality. It has a perfect flamenco set up with very low action and is quite comfortable to play. The guitar can sound warm and sweet but when played aggressively, it can be quite percussive and very flamenco. Overall, a very versatile guitar. I'm sure its tonal qualities will improve as it gets more playing time. Thank you for your time and patience in finding the right flamenca negra for me.Cheers,  Nick DeVincentis  United-States

“Eduardo is a knowledgeable, passionate musician who is a pleasure to make music and do business with. We spent a couple of hours going over the ins and outs of the guitars and ended up selecting a great instrument at a great price. I will be back!” -- Joey Anjun  United-States

Hi Mac, received guitar in good condition and sound are awesome. Just need change string to get more perfect sound. Well done wonderful guitar. Peter Koh-  Esteve 9 Flamenco Blanca. Malasya  Malasia flag s r

Eduardo,  we are so pleased meeting with you, a friendly person with a great personality. The Requinto we bought from you it's wonderful.  The best, It plays just as we wanted, a beautiful style and sound.  If we ever need another one, we will get in touch with you.  Thank you so much, you are  the best. Pachito & Carol  Florida  United-States


Mi nombre es David Castro y Muchas gracias por el requinto que me vendio esta exelente muy suave para ejecutarlo en otras palabras me encanto

Mi Name is David Castro, thank you for the Requinto i bought from you . It's excellent, soft to play, in other words I love it mexico flag

Gracias Eduardo por el exelente servicio que ofrecen a sus clientes. Recibi la guitarra "Granada" sumamente rapido. Esta guitarra tiene un sonido diafano y potente como una guitarra de mas renombre. Por eso si alguien desea tener una guitarra como esta a un precio modico con estuche y un set adicional de cuerdas, esa es la guitara. Victor Luna


( Translation ) Thank you Eduardo for the excellent service you provide to your clients.  I received the Granada Guitar very fast . This guitar has a almost transparent sound ( diaphanous ) and powerful  like  a  more famous ,expensive guitar..  If anybody wants to have a guitar  within  this price range,  with a hard shell case and set of strings , this is the way to go . Victor Luna puerto rico flag

Hey Mr. Mac,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the guitar, Prudencio Sáez 12, today and it is beautiful. It arrived in perfect condition and I followed the arrival instructions and it plays just as beautiful as it sounds. I just want to thank you so much for all the help that you've given me through this whole process. I am very impressed with, everything down to the packaging was done with perfection and care.
Thank you so much,  Skyler Penton United-States

Prezado Ed Mac ; Recebi a guitarra Prudêncio Saez 22 em perfeitas condições. Ela é uma guitarra muito leve. Isso já mostra a qualidade da madeira. O tampo de abeto e sendo o fundo e laterais de cipreste deixam o som muito bonito. Um som brilhante e os baixos muito potentes.  O case de carregar a guitarra da marca Cibeles além de muito prático, protege muito bem a guitarra. O veludo azul protege do mal tempo e do frio.  Para mim é novidade aquele protetor do tampo do violão, de tecido preto. Nunca tinha visto. E também a vantagem é que veio um jogo de cordas (strings)novo. Por ser cordas de violão flamenco é difícil de achar no Brasil.  Aqui no Brasil, violões desta qualidade é raro. Somente em luthiers.  Enfim o violão é muito  bom, o case muito prático e leve e grato pelo encordoamento. Estou apreciando muito tocar nesta guitarra e como estudo guitarra clássica, meu objetivo é desenvolver a técnica espanhola do flamenco.  Obrigado pelo envio. Pedro César Pereira , Curitiba,Brazil Image by

Dear Eduardo  I received the Prudencio Saez 22 guitar in perfect condition. It is a very light guitar, that shows the wood quality. The Spruce top and the Cypress back & sides make the sound very beautiful.  A brilliant sound and strong bass.  The Cibeles hard shell case is very practical , and protects the guitar  very well.  The velvet cover  really protects the guitar from temperature  changes. This accessory is something new for me and very practical as well. It is an advantage that separate  new string set  comes with the guitar,  Flamenco strings are very difficult to get in Brazil. In Brazil it's very difficult to find guitars of this quality, only with  Luthiers. Bottom line, the guitar is very nice , the case is very practical and the  extra strings set is great.  I'm really enjoying playing this guitar , I'm studying classical guitar , but my goal is to develop a Spanish  Flamenco Technic. Thank you for the shipping.Curitiba,Brazil .Image by

Dear Ed ; I received  the PS 90 today Friday. Arrived in perfect condition. And Punctual delivery with Office was great.The instrument is of a striking quality. Wonderful. A tuner that came along with the quality set of strings.  Wish you all peace and health to you.  Thank you very much. Pedro Cesar, Curitiba , Brazil   Image by

Hi Ed, the guitar arrived well and survived a horrible winter storm during its transit.  My compliments on how carefully well it was packed!  I took it out of the case late last night… once it was all quiet and played some granaina falsetas with it I enjoyed clarity in the trebles, which brings out definition to the strings and has a balance to the sound.  It's basses are strong, yet not overpowering.  Being an negra, its voicing is such that it projects easily and strongly and provides a colorful tonal character.  Simply one of the best Conde guitars I have ever played. The action setting is perfect! Overall, an awesome flamenco negra guitar!  I am very happy with it! Thanks a bunch! Rafael  Calderon CA United-States


Your packing was admirable the guitar arrived in perfect condition. It is a beautifully crafted piece, truly built by a talented craftsman. I have inspected it thoroughly, tuned it last night and had a difficult time to put it down. Immediately one notices the sustain, you could drink a cup of tea during that time.. The guitar “feels” perfect, its light but strong when you hold it. I know as it is played more and the woods age it will only grow sweeter but it already posses a signature voice.Love it, Roger Jensen PS 34 Pao Ferro United-States

Ed,   We have received the guitar; it’s wonderful with a beautiful sound and so easy to play! Honestly, it’s hard to put it down. Thank you so much! Regards, Carlos Dominguez  PS 57C/E . United-States

Dear Ed; Absolutely no regrets about this fine instrument. The workmanship is truly superb. Sounds fantastic and plays like butter. Thanks a million for the great service. By the way do you carry guitar strings and capos etc? Again, thank you so much, and I hope we can do more business in the future. Yours Tom Crawley  PS G36 Flam. United-States


Thank you, Eduardo for my new guitar.  I love it.  The action is great and it has a nice growl to it.  The case is perfect, and the two guitar covers and extra bone were very nice too..  I can’t wait to play it and hear it open up over the next few years.   In case you haven’t heard, we’ve had two nor’easters here in the past 5 days, so I went and picked it up today from the FedEx hub, that is why delivery took so long.  Totally worth the wait though.  Thanks again, Eduardo.  Take care.  I’ll be emailing/calling with questions I’ll have in the future about the guitar, and possibly obtaining more guitars. Paul Schindo Montreal .... EduardoThis morning I had my flamenco lesson. My teacher, Carlos Rubio(don’t know if you’ve heard of him), told me how great a deal I got getting my new PS 22 blanca from you.  He told me right away that it is a nice PROFESSIONAL guitar, and couldn’t believe the case you add..  He was very impressed, and he is a guy that has been playing professionally for 50 years and has 6 Pedro de Miguel guitars.   Thank you for your hard work and honesty and for working with me to get me the best guitar I possibly could get.  I absolutely love everything about it.  It even smells amazing!  I wish you nothing but the best and hope all your dreams come true. Paul Schindo, Canada-Flag



Dear Ed;  I Received my guitar on Wednesday. I'm very pleased with the PS-G3 and have been playing it often. I would like to thank you for your assistance, professionalism and advise in purchasing the PS-3 Thanks, David S. Medina United-States

Ed, Thanks so much for everything! The g Esteve Cocobolo   sounds incredible! The sound is actually superior to guitars that I've payed twice the price for. I did a side by side comparison, and it's the truth. Thanks very much for bringing such great quality guitars here to the States! And thanks for the advice. Best regards, Islay Rodriguez , FL United-States

Hi Eduardo, I hope this message finds you well.
The  Saez 36  continues to impress me. Her voice is opening up well and as could be expected. I'm looking forward to hearing this instrument mature through the next few years. Thanks once again! Warmest regards, Chano N C United-States

Hi Ed,The PS54 just arrived and it is very nice. Sure looks like a well made piece. I really like it. I practiced with it a bit I'm kind of a beginner and thought it was really nice. The finish, etc, almost looks too perfect. It's like a painting. Very nice to look at and the book matching is impressive. My instructor my guitar; really put it through its paces and said it sounded fabulous. I'm very happy with it. Steve Rule England  English JPG

Eduardo, I just wanted to say, "Thank you", from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful Prudencio Saez PS 20  Walnut guitar that came last week. I've had many, many guitars over the 53 years I've been playing, and this is by far the most beautiful.  The walnut back and sides, rosewood neck and trim and cedar top all combine perfectly to make a lovely instrument. The feel of the neck is great, and easy to commandeer.  Even the smell of the cedar is fantastic!
But by far, the great feature is the sound.  There's both and warmth and a brightness to the refraction of the sound waves from the walnut that is a pure delight. The rich, clear tones are held and sustained, so you'd better not make many mistakes!
The biggest surprise was what a blessing it was to wor
k with you and your store.  The advice was sound (no pun intended!) and you handled things perfectly. You held on to the guitar once you knew I was interested, even though others later voiced interest, and when I purchased it, it was shipped off the same day. The case kept the guitar perfectly, which was amazing to me. I never though something this light could be so sturdy. It arrived at my house in 2 days, and sounded glorious right out of the box.So thank you and for a truly wonderful experience.  Sincerely, Edward  Gross  costa_rica flag

Dear EdMac; The Prudencio Saez Negra P24 flamenco guitar I ordered arrived here in New Zealand in undamaged condition and in good time I am pleased with the appearance, the nice rosewood etc, and it gives the bass real depth, good for Tarantos and those deep chords.The case is excellent, sturdy and light . Michael Lee New Zealand.  nz-flag

Hi Eduardo,I hope this message finds you well. Went to bed VERY late, staying up to play my new flamenco guitar. It is absolutely more than what I expected. You found me a lot of guitar for a very reasonable price. I normally don't buy an instrument unless I get a chance to at it first. However, you've earned my trust. The PS36 is a amazing guitar. I'm sending my students to you FIRST. I know they won't be disappointed! Also, please feel free to use this letter as a review of this guitar and your excellent service. Warmest regards, Luciano 'Chano' Suarez , Durham, NC  United-States

Hi I got the tuners yesterday and put them on at once. They are beautiful. I am very satisfied with your service and product. I will visit your website often, I am always looking for new guitars,  I love the guitar. I have been playing, on and off for the last 40 years. Classical guitar is tough and it takes consistent practice. Today; I will start. I am 61 years old, I have goals and pieces to play. I like your thing about playing. Respectfully,  Bob  NC.  United-States

Dear Ed Mac,Indeed, I received the requinto last Friday, thank you very much for the fast shipment. The requinto arrived in perfect condition and it is everything I had expected, I am very happy and extremely motivated to start practicing "Rayito de Luna", "Los Dos", "Sin Ti", "Contigo", "No Me Quieras Tanto", "La Malagueña", "Sin Un Amor", "Me Voy Pal' Pueblo", "Ni Que Si, Ni Quiza, Ni Que No" y muchas mas que hicieron de nuestro Mexico un recuerdo maravilloso e inovlidable al escuchar todas estas melodias de amor y especialmente en un requinto tal como el que me habeis proveido. Muchisimas gracias mi querido Ed Mac, y espero volvamos a comunicarnos pronto.Sinceramente, Guillermo Castro Mex.  mexico flag

Senor EDUARDO, I have just received my Amalio Burguet 3M guitar in very excellent shape. Beautiful guitar with abeautiful sound.  At age 76, this would be an excellent guitar for me to start my guitar lessons. Thanks for your OUTSTANDING SUPPORT and follow-up. I would strongly recommend your store to anyone wanting  to buy a guitar on-line.  HONEST DEPENDABLE SERVICE.
Mariano Aguilar....from California  United-States

I had a great experience working with ED, he was very professional and great honest business person, I am delighted to own my second Prudencio Saez P59 Guitar, I have bought my first PS-50 16 years ago, this one still looks like new, and it sounds incredible with beautiful rich Hispanic sound is perfected by Prudencio Saez Luthiers. so far my guitar is going to be played in a show i am hosting this year, my impression is Amazing, Excellent, Brilliant, no other words could describe ED Business and the quality of his guitars.  Jahaziel Cruz ,SC  United-States

Ed, I am loving the new guitar  . It was a pleasure meeting you as well as the whole buying experience. I appreciate your prompt reply and willingness to accommodate me by letting me come by verses shipping. I would definitely purchase from you again and will not hesitate to recommend you to others.
Thanks also for the video links. Jeff  St Petersburg, FL  ( PS22 Blanca )  United-States

Dear Ed ,I am really happy with my new Manuel Adalid 11 guitar and especially satisfied with your outstanding service and expert advice in the process of choosing the right instrument for me.  I really enjoyed the process of playing your extensive selection of fine instruments at your studio, a nice and quite environment that allowed me to experience all the nuances of each instrument until I played mine, and instantly fell in love with it.  Thanks for your continuous, courteous and very professional follow-up in the process of setting-up and customizing the instrument to my style of playing. I am highly satisfied with the whole experience, your expert and personal advice and won't hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends looking for a fine guitar and most of all, for an outstanding professional service.  Best regards, Tulio  CremisiniFilm and TV Composer, Record Produce    mexico flag

Dear Ed,

Thank you very much for the follow up email. I am sorry I have not been able to get back to you since I've been really busy at work. I have not had time to play the guitar much but the little I have, I can tell you I am very happy with it already and I even more so, I am sincerely glad to have bought it from you again. Everything has been perfect, this is the second guitar I have from you and I am extremely pleased with both of them and your customer service as well your responsiveness. I hope we continue to do business and thank you again. Some day if I am in your area I hope to stop by your shop, if you do not mind, and be able to shake your hand. Sincerely, Guillermo Castro mexico flag

Hello Ed, Finally I had the guitar place in front of me and just after getting the strings in tune I sat there playing for almost 2 hours nonstop. The sound is just so sweet and crisp. Just won’t want to stop. Thanks for the beautiful piece.  Singapore  singapo flag


Hello Eduardo, I'd like to thank you for all of your help with my purchase of the Requinto 201 that I bought for my father.  My father loved it.  Words couldn't describe how good it made me feel to give him such a beautiful gift.  He plays it every day and continues to tell me how nice and clear it sounds.  You were a great help with all your knowledge on your product.  Thank you again.  I couldn't have given him such a beautiful gift without your help.  I'd definitely recommend my friends or anyone who is looking for a excellent quality guitar that sounds incredible to GFS.  I will definitely keep in touch with you.  Thanks again, Jose Vazquez    puerto rico flag


Estimado Eduardo:   La guitarra Prudencio Saez Modelo 15 es unica!, muy sonora, una belleza, y sumamente muy manejable. Continuo desarrollando mis destrezas con ella y me siento feliz de haberla adquirido. No es la primera que he tenido de Don Prudencio, y se que no sera la ultima, pues su nombre ha sido siempre sinonimo de calidad, sonoridad, y belleza. Pienso en el futuro en la 22 y en la G36. En su momento me comunicare!  Mi opinion siempre sera que las mejores guitarras son las espanolas y el nombre mas respetado en su produccion: Prudencio Saez! Su servidor,   Adolfo Gonzalez,  Puerto Rico    puerto rico flag

Eduardo, I just wanted to say, “Thank you”, from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful Prudencio Saez PS 20 Walnut guitar that came last week. I’ve had many, many guitars over the 53 years I’ve been playing, and this is by far the most beautiful. The walnut back and sides, rosewood neck and trim and cedar top all combine perfectly to make a lovely instrument. The feel of the neck is great, and easy to commandeer. Even the smell of the cedar is fantastic!  John  Walden  NZ nz-flag

Eduardo; la guitarra ( PS59) suena excepcionalmente bien, la probé con mi amplificador y oye fuerte de verdad. También utilice el hipster y de verdad que se pueden hacer muchos trucos.En verdad estoy muy agradecido por tus atenciones y recomendaciones por lo que te estaré refiriendo mis amistadess. Gracias por todo y espero visitarte en mi próximo viaje a la Florida. Muy agradecido. Costa Rica  costa_rica flag

My P. Saez 22 “Flamenco Blanca” arrived yesterday. I spent the evening playing it. Truly a joy ! It has a rich sound, even across all strings. The bass is strong and the guitar also has that satisfying bark and snap that you would want in a flamenco guitar. It is well crafted and visually appealing. I am very pleased with this instrument ! Thanks   Canada-Flag

I highly recommend GFS.  My PS34  is wonderful  and the service I received is exceptional! - Tony, Boca Raton FL  United-States

Hi Eduardo; Thank you for  my new guitar , your advice was so  correct , The guitar sounds amazing  like you promised,   and man,... awesome Customer Service  - Eddie, Miami FL  United-States